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Key Cutting iconKeys are used in different locks and they encounter different handling circumstances. They can therefore wear out or break. If you are using a certain set of keys, you will need to replace them at some point of their use because they have either become worn out, broken or no longer functioning because their ridges are worn out. With our key cutting Locksmith Bradford service, you can get new pairs of keys for all lock types.

If you ignore the wearing out of your car keys, you will find yourself in another uncomfortable scenario where the car keys can get jammed in the ignition. Keys get jammed because the ridges are the ones that fit in the door lock’s pins and open the door. If the ridges are worn out, the key can get stuck between the lock pins.

Our key cutting service is done with the latest technological key cutting machines. We have key cutting machines that can design all types of keys including the tubular keys used on tubular locks. Our technicians are also well versed in the use of these machines and can create accurately cut keys that won’t jam on locks or even harm the person carrying them with sharp edges.
The key cutting techniques we use are automated and produce clear and exact duplicates of any original key. We cut keys for residential, commercial and auto needs. We can cut new keys for your home when you lose your originals or when you need a spare, for your car and different types of keys for commercial ventures.

One type of key that we cut for business owners is a master key. This is a feature that many businesspeople prefer to have in their premises to enhance access control. The latter is a feature that allows you to have total and unrestricted access to all the areas in your business while limiting the movement of employees only to the areas where they work. This is a good way of having remote control on the movement of staff so that only those who are allowed in certain sections access those sections. It’s also a good way of getting the employees to be accountable so that in case of anything, the people in the affected sections will account.

Our key cutting service does not just apply to the physical keys because we also deal with digital keys such as transponder and laser keys. We can duplicate your car transponder keys in case you need to have a spare. Our technicians have the machines and are knowledgeable in the programming of transponder chips found in this type of keys.

Getting your key duplicated is a great security practice and one that will prevent any form of lockouts in the future.

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